D is for … Damh The Bard :o)

If you haven’t heard Damh play you really need to check out his website!  His music, it, well, you need to listen to it, it’s always resonated with me. I first heard him play at … you know I can’t actually remember!  It was either Oakleaf, The Mercian Gathering or PaganCon at Preston … I’m lucky enough to have heard him a few times at all three venues.

Damh is a singer, a writer and a storyteller who will entertain you as well as make you think!  His music is at the heart of  Spirit of Albion – The Movie which is a musical, ten songs of Damh’s were picked out and the film story and characters were created based on them. It looks like it is going to be awesomely amazing 😀  Me, a fan?  Just slightly, I’m no stalker though, even if I do follow Damh on Twitter, and Facebook, and get the monthly newsletter lol

Spirit of Albion, the Movie. Directed by Gary Andrews. Photographs by Lusete

My all time favourite song of his is “Green and Grey”.  You can listen to it at that link and read the lyrics, the chorus is:

I’m no devil I’m Father to the land,
I have lived here since the Earth began,
Neither black nor white,
Priest hear what I say,
I’m green and grey.

This song resonated and touched me so much that it altered the design of my first (and only, so far lol) tattoo … the planned pentacle was surrounded by flames of green which fade to grey 🙂

Another one of my favourite songs is Cauldron Born, both on the CD of the same name.  Here’s a snippet:

Lady stir your Cauldron well,
Chant your words and sing your spell,
Deep within the darkened hall,
Hear the Goddess Ceridwen call.
Come and taste of the Cauldron’s Brew,
And magic she will give to you,
You will dance in the eye of the storm,
You’re Ceridwen’s Children,
The Cauldron Born!


Though I’m not actually a druid (ooh another D 🙂 ) I thoroughly enjoy Damh’s monthly podcast the Druidcast, it’s full of fabulous music, interesting interviews making me think and smile every time.  In this month’s Druidcast Damh is interviewed in the regular features “A Day In The Life Of” where you can hear more about him from his own lips, including his thoughts on becoming the Pendragon of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids on the Summer Solstice of 2010.


About Willow

II'm a 45yr old divorced pagan with a son (He's 23 now? How did that happen?) who wants to explore the world ... well the UK anyway (one of my dreams is to have a camper van, preferably a personalized one).
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4 Responses to D is for … Damh The Bard :o)

  1. harzgeist says:

    Glad to have found another fan of Damh’s work! Although I have to admit I envy you a bit for having been at his gigs; I’d love to see him play.
    I love “Spirit of Albion; ” when I first heard the song it moved me to tears. Living in a big city, I find it difficult at times to connect with my gods, but Damh’s song reminded me that They are everywhere indeed.

  2. magrat1957 says:

    I am forever in your debt Willow for introducing me to Damh’s music – I love it! As you rightly say it touches something inside that connects us and resonates with the soul. Magsx

    • Willow says:

      You’re very welcome Mags 😀 I will get you to see him … somehow … hmmmm I think all the caravan tickets have gone for The Mercian this year … maybe next???? I expect he’ll be playing at PaganCon at Preston again this year … is that too far 😉

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