D is for DRUMS :oD

The word drum is always said with/followed by a smile because it makes me think of camp and dancing around the fires.  Drums are amazing they get the heart beating, they guide Journeys, bringing us back safe.

All praise to those who drum for hours and hours around the campfires, whether dancing or not (and far too often it’s been not these last few years due to health) I appreciate, enjoy and treasure your ‘work’.  I put that in speech marks as drumming isn’t work, it’s the rhythm of life and as such to be enjoyed and celebrated 🙂

Above is a photo someone took at the Mercian Gathering, it’s of a drumming workshop held in 2009 by Scott Jasper of Dragonfly Moon.  It’s a workshop I look forward to with great keeness, in the past I’ve borrowed drums but last year I bought my very own.  I couldn’t drum the same as the majority as they had djembes but it was fabulous fun 😀

I feel that drumming brings me closer to the heart of the mother, at home I can only drum softly as I live in a terrace house but it’s something I do whenever I feel the need.


About Willow

II'm a 45yr old divorced pagan with a son (He's 23 now? How did that happen?) who wants to explore the world ... well the UK anyway (one of my dreams is to have a camper van, preferably a personalized one).
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